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Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

We Provide an ‘apple to apple’ comparison of Insul by AgVa with the nearest competition to give you a TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) over 5 years.

1. Cost of Insulin Pump (One Time)


2. Disposable (Infusion set) costs

Infusion Sets Comparisons

3. Cost of Glucose Monitoring Strips

(@ three times daily)

Total Cost of Ownership

4. Total Cost Over 5 Years

Total Cost Over 5 Years on INSUL by AgVa
Insul by AgVa vs Nearest Competitors 1

If you use an Insulin Pump, disposable sets, and strips of AgVa, you spend almost Rs. 95,800 in 5 years.

On other hand, if you use our nearest competitor’s same things, you spend more than 15 lakhs in 5 years.

Hence, using of AgVa’s Insulin Pump, disposable sets, and strips, you save Rs. 14,58,200. (i.e., More than 90%)

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