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Re-Inventing the Insulin Pump

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Bolus Calculator on Pump & App

500 Units Cartridge

App Connectivity

Bluetooth Connectivity

15 Days Life Disposable Set

10 Times Cheaper than Others

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Disposable cost less than ₹1,000/- Month

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Extremely Economical Accessories

Disposables of INSUL by Agva cost less than Rs 500 per month. Also, each disposable set can be used for upto 2 weeks as compared to 72 hours for the nearest competitors.

Disposable Sets
500 Units Cartridge

500 Units Cartridge

INSUL by AgVa is the only pump in the market that has a jumbo cartridge with 500 Units capacity to continue non-stop for two weeks.

Hence, using of AgVa’s Insulin Pump, disposable sets, and strips, you save Rs. 14,58,200. in 5 Years (i.e. Rs. 15,54,000 – Rs. 95,800 = 14,58,200)

Integrated App with Advanced Features

insul by agva app on google play
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insul by agva app on apple
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Insulin Pump is perfert choice

For the Cool Cat

For the Cool Cat​

INSUL by AgVa is ideal for elderly people who have multiple comorbidities as it is extremely user friendly and cost-effective.

For the Workholic

For the Workholic

INSUL by AgVa ensures that your busy schedule does not affect your diabetic status.

For the Studious Student

For the Studious Student

It is no longer difficult to manage the diabetes of your children, thus ensuring that they get uninterrupted school time. (for above 12 years)

For the Fitness Freak​

For the Fitness Freak​

You can carry on with your activities as INSUL is discrete & easy to wear.

For the Busy Homemaker

For the Busy Homemaker

While you look after your family, INSUL by AgVa looks after you and your health.

Book now for ₹499 only.

The introductory price for the first 500 customers is ₹49,999 ₹ 24,999 only. ₹499/- is only the preorder amount, the remaining amount will need to be paid at the time of actual delivery.

Deliveries expected in 2025's first quarter