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Ways to sleep with AgVa insulin pump

Sleeping with an insulin pump seems uncomfortable, especially when you have just started wearing it. People often feel it is difficult to find the right site to wear it on their bodies, however, with time one becomes habituated and comfortable. So, if you are also a newcomer to AgVa insulin pump, we discuss 10 different ways to sleep with it: 

10 Ways to sleep with an insulin pump

1. The PJ clip: includes clipping the pump to the pyjama waistband. Try to use thicker bands, so the clip doesn’t make holes through the material. 

first Ways to sleep with AgVa insulin pump

2. The undies: includes clipping the pump onto the undergarment and tucking the tubing inside the undergarment. 

Third Ways to sleep with AgVa insulin pump

3. The body pillow: Many people sleep with a body pillow by their sides placing the insulin pump under the pillow. They move the pillow with the pump while switching sides. 

The body pillow

4. The t-shirt pocket: wear a T-shirt with a chest pocket and put the insulin pump into it. 

The t-shirt pocket

5. The bra clip: women have this advantage. They can tug their insulin pump to their bras the whole night and day. 

Second Ways to sleep with AgVa insulin pump

6. Sew a pocket: sewing a pocket in your nightwear is a good option. 

Sew a pocket

7. The workout shorts/leggings: as people wear shorts and leggings while workout, they can use the pocket of their shorts to put an insulin pump. 

The workout shorts/leggings

8. The back sleeper: the back sleepers can put their insulin pumps on the sides of their pyjama pants or undies. 

Fourth The-back-sleeper

9. The V-neck nighty: some people prefer to wear nightgowns with v-neck collars. They can clip the pump to the front of their nightdress. Use only the pump’s clip, not the hostler, it will weigh less and also make it easy to recognize the alarms at midnight. 

The V-neck nighty

10. Accessory options: AgVa insulin pump comes with necessary accessories that will make its use comfortable and easy.