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Parent Tips

Parents or caregivers should guide their children in adopting a healthy lifestyle that will support them for years to come. It is true, being a parent doesn’t mean they know everything. Thus, it is also important for parents to learn things and apply them to children. Many parents struggle in managing time from work to take care of their children. One thing that can help parents is practising good habits along with their kids. Children indeed mirror their parents, and when parents improve their habits children also do eventually. 

Eating a good portion of food, beverages, physical exercise, adequate sleep will help children in growing, learning good habits, maintaining a healthy weight, building strong muscles and bones and will also reduce the risk of developing heart disease.


How to help children in forming healthy habits? 

As parents have a big role in shaping children lifestyles, they need to make a habit of eating foods low in sugar, saturated fat, salt and high in fibre. The children will also start to like those foods, maybe not in starting but if the food is attractive and made well, they will eventually.

Guide-them-about-health parent tips

Guide them about health: Talk to the children about healthy habits and their benefits in regular communication. For instance, while going for a walk, teach them how walking is good for them and while eating let them know what to eat and in which amount. It doesn’t mean stopping them from eating something rather limiting the amount of food that is not healthy for them. Answer your children why is that not good for them politely rather being strict with them. 

For instance, encourage them for eating vegetables, fruits, juice which are rich in calcium, potassium, vitamins and minerals and keep them away from high fat and salty foods such as processed foods. Try to give them occasionally.


Play with them: When it comes to physical activities, show your children how enjoyable exercise is. It could be a dance, Zumba, bike riding or any fun activity children like and loves to do daily. Also, appreciate them every day that “you run so fast”, “ you are building a strong body” and join them in their playing time.


Give them moral support: Children are highly sensitive to the environment. They do not know what is good and bad for them. Sometimes they are bullied due to being overweight or different in some way from other children. Thus, emotional support is as vital as other things. Talking to them in a friendly way and boosting their self-esteem becomes the responsibility of parents. Make them feel good about themselves and motivate them to be good and active. 

If parents don’t have time, all the caregivers should follow the tips to make a good bond with children.

There are some checkpoints for all the parents and caregivers that they need to ensure

  • Children are eating low carb, low fat, and unsaturated food more fibre rich foods. 
  • They are spending less time watching TV and playing video games
  • They are doing physical activities like playing, running, bicycle riding, or any other sports. 
  • They are getting enough sleep 
  • Your children’s weight is managed and doesn’t bother them.