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Diabetes and intimacy

Sexual intimacy can’t be underestimated during diabetes, as it’s an important part of life. Diabetes can damage the nerves and blood vessels, which can interfere with sexual functions. Also, certain medicines which are used during diabetic complications affect sexual health. If someone has sexual issues because of diabetes, they should talk to their healthcare provider about it. 

Sexual issues with men


As diabetes affects various nerves and blood vessels, it also impacts the blood vessels and nerves of the penis which can lead to erectile dysfunction. It’s a condition when a man can’t get or sustain an erection. Men with diabetes have a high risk of low testosterone and depression, which also increases the risk of getting erectile dysfunction. Though, erectile dysfunction could occur from certain anti-hypertensive and gastric medicines. Gastroparesis is a diabetes-related stomach condition that causes heartburn. Men are 2-3 times more vulnerable to this condition than women and get affected by it at a very young age. If so, you need to consult your doctor. 

When erectile dysfunction results because of diabetes, certain treatments are possible such as pills, injected medicine into the penis, a vacuum pump or surgery to insert a device in the penis. Surgery can also be performed to fix the blood vessels in the area. 

Sexual issues with women


Similarly to men, women’s nerves get damaged and reduce the blood flow in the vagina causing vaginal dryness, that leads to pain during sex. Depression may also occur that can interfere with the sexual drive. It may also affect an open talk regarding sexual concerns with the partner or healthcare provider. Some vaginal lubricants are available that can treat the dryness or else some changes in sex position might bring the sexual arousal. Also, certain exercises such as kegel exercises can be performed to strengthen pelvic muscles.

How to deal with sexual intimacy in diabetes?


If someone feels the same issues as mentioned, the one and the only option is to talk about it to your healthcare provider. It may be uncomfortable for the new people, but everyone needs to understand that they are not the only ones with this issue. A large number of Population deals with this issue and get treatment for months or years. The doctor may prescribe certain medications or can treat depression by counselling therapies. One of the important things in treating those sexual issues is to cut out all the bad habits such as smoking and drinking excessively and adopting a better lifestyle. 

How to normalize wearing insulin pump during intimacy?


Many people take it off during their intimate moments and get it back again. It doesn’t affect them so much. While some prefer to continue with wearing an insulin pump and they are quite comfortable with that. But you need to be aware of the blood glucose levels goes down. Testing blood sugar levels before moving to intimate moments can save you from low blood sugar levels. Also, drinking juice or candy before detaching the insulin pump is good to prevent hypoglycemia.