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Infusion Sets


An infusion set consists of a thin plastic tubing system that distributes insulin from the pump to the body. This tubing is available in different lengths to fulfil various needs.

Infusion Sets

AgVa infusion set has a 90-degree soft cannula and has a hydrophobic coating to remain patent for weeks. At the end of the tubing, there is either a soft cannula or stainless steel needle.

The cannula is inserted under the skin in places such as the abdomen, thighs or buttocks. These sites, where the cannula is inserted are called infusion sites. AgVa infusion set can remain at the site for upto 14 days and will need to be changed after that with a fresh infusion set.

In case of redness in the surrounding skill, pain or blockage error on the screen, the infusion set may need to be changed earlier along with the site.