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How to Fill your reservoir - Step by Step

Filling the reservoir consist of a few steps: 

  • Take out the reservoir form package. Confirm that the plunger of the reservoir is fully extended prior to use. 
  • Clean the top of the insulin vial with a spirit swab. Compress the transfer guard onto the top of the insulin vial until it fits into place. Do not push down the plunger during this procedure. 
  • Hold the plunger and push it down to push air into the vial. 
  • Keep holding the plunger and switch the position of the plunger and vial (insulin vial is on top and plunger with reservoir at the bottom). 
  • Carefully tap the sides of the reservoir to allow present air bubbles to come at the top of the reservoir. 
  • Gently push the plunger, enough to remove air bubbles from the reservoir. 
  • Slowly pull the plunger down to fill the reservoir with the required units of insulin after removing all the air bubbles. 
  • Now, again switch the positions of the reservoir and the vial (the insulin vial at the bottom and the reservoir on the top). Hold the transfer guard while turning the reservoir Anti-clockwise, and pull up the reservoir to remove the transfer guard from it. 
  • Hold the infusion set tubing connector in one hand and reservoir in the other. Keep the connector on the top of the reservoir, turn it clockwise, and press it against the reservoir until it sits in place. Push the connector and continue to turn until the reservoir and connector lock with a click together. 
  •  Gently, tap the sides of the reservoir to raise the air bubbles, that may still be present at the top. To prevent further bubble formation, push on the plunger tube until all air is out and an amount of insulin appears in the tubing. 
  • Gently turn the plunger anti-clockwise while holding the reservoir in one hand, until it is extracted from the reservoir. Make sure that you don’t pull down on the plunger while screwing out the plunger rod. Do not squeeze the O rings while doing so.

Point to be noted:

  •  Do not use cold insulin, as it can form air bubbles in the reservoir and tubing. If insulin is taken in the refrigerator, let it reach room temperature. 
  • Use the reservoir straight away after filling it. Avoid storing it filled.