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AgVa Glucose Monitoring (AGM)

What is AgVa Glucose Monitoring? 

Glucose monitoring is an essential process in diabetes. Blood glucose is checked frequently throughout the day which is done by glucometers and strips. People can use them either at home or outside the home.


To take a blood glucose reading, the user inserts the strip into the glucometer and applies a drop of blood using the lancet needle to prick the finger. The glucometer gives a reading within a few seconds. It remains the most popular method to test blood glucose levels. AgVa Healthcare is providing AgVa glucose monitoring strips, the most affordable strips in the world.

Insul by AgVa has a built-in glucometer which shows the reading on the pump itself and offers options to calculate basal and bolus doses based on the reading. This offers unparalleled comfort and ease of use to the patients.


What are AgVa strips and how much do they cost? 

AgVa Glucose monitoring strips costs Rs 2 per strip. Generally, people on insulin therapy need to check their blood glucose levels thrice a day, which means 3 strips a day. Hence, AgVa strips will cost only Rs 6 per day.

Difference between CGM and AGM 

AGM: AgVa Glucose Monitoring
CGM: Continuous Glucose Monitoring

CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) works via a tiny sensor that is inserted under the skin, usually on the belly or arm. The sensor measures the interstitial glucose levels( glucose present in the fluid between the cells). It works wirelessly and sends information to the monitor at interval of every few minutes. 

A CGM can work both with an insulin pump and as a standalone device. AgVa glucose monitoring (AGM) is a strip based monitoring of blood glucose and will require pricking of a finger to take blood. People on an insulin pump can use AGM to calibrate blood sugar levels. 

CGM is very costly and costs around Rs 5,000 per sensor. It has to be changed every 7-14 days and may not be affordable for everyone, while AGM is very pocket friendly and also give accurate readings. 

Benefits of AgVa strips